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UK Company Seeks US$3.7 Million Through Bond Initiative For Small Hydro Projects

TradeLink Solutions (TLS) Energy Group, based in Hertfordshire, England, is attempting to increase its affect on the European small hydro market by seeking US$3.7 million in investments through a bond initiative backed by Triodos Bank N.V.
Working in partnership with Triodos Bank N.V., TLS Energy Group subsidiary TLS Hydro Power Ltd., "will raise funds for use to finance the development of new hydropower schemes including a 1 MW project in the Perth and Kinross district of Scotland," according to Triodos Bank. The bank is based in the Netherlands and licensed to operate in the UK.

TLS Energy Group Chief Executive Officer Bob Middleton, said, "TLS Hydro Power has a 15-year track record and I believe this bond issue provides a fantastic opportunity for existing customers and new investors to support our business through the next stage of growth."

The bonds are technically transferable unquoted securities that have a 7% yield on a five-year investment. The offer opened March 16 and closes May 29.

TLS Energy Group's activities cover the entire energy supply chain, from renewable energy generation to delivery of energy to the end user. TLS Hydro Power Ltd.'s power supplier arm, LoCO2 energy, sells energy to about 8,500 domestic and business customers, according to the Triodos Bank.

TLS Hydro Power has solely developed eight hydropower schemes and its ninth project, 450-kW Carrongrove project in Stirlingshire, Scotland, is expected to become operational later this year. According to company information, TLS Hydro Power has rehabilitated and refurbished, and either developed or partnered in the development of the following UK hydroelectric projects:

* 650-kW Balgonie scheme in Fife -- rehabilitated in 2000
* 280-kW Cleghorn project in Lanarkshire -- rehabilitated in 2008
* 500-kW Glen Forlsan project in Kinlochmoidart -- rehabilitated in 2010
* 500-kW Roshven scheme in Kinlochmoidart -- commissioned in 2008
* 990-kW Slatach project in Kinlochmoidart -- commissioned in 2013
* 750-kW Brunery project in Kinlochmoidart -- commissioned in 2014
* 100-kW Stormontfield project in Perthshire -- rehabilitated in 2002
* 450-kW Carrongrove in Stirlingshire -- expected commission date July 2015

* 330-kW Greenholme Mill in Yorkshire -- joint-venture with Derwent Hydro commissioned 2011
* 402-kW Nenthead project in Cumbria -- rehabilitated 2014

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