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You are here: Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

Microhydro discussionforum additional info

This page gives an overview of topics discussed in the microhydro discussion forum and serves as a location of putting documents or graphics interested to the group, but too large to send as attachment to groupmembers directly 
Anyone interested in having his/her documents placed here, please contact me at wim.klunne@microhydropower.net.
More information on this discussiongroup can be found here.
Idaho hydro
Idaho farm microhydro posted by Joseph Hartvigsen on 4 Jan 1999

Penstock losses
In reaction to a question posted by Ola Tambour on how to calculate penstock losses, Joseph Hartvigsen posted two MathCad worksheet with examples calculating losses in pipe flow. 
Steve Opelc reacted to Ola's question by sending a micro-hydro software program that might be useful for this. It is a DOS program, fairly old but works under windows 95. More information can be found in the file pc-hydro.doc. The program works with cells as in a spreadsheet, in order to move between the cells you have to use the arrow keys on your keypad (it will not work with enter, or your normal arrow keys).

Turbine images
Joseph Hartvigsen provided me with some pictures of turbines which he though to be of interest to the group. You can find them here.

Joseph Hartvigsen made two turgo runners for members of the microhydro-egroup. They are about 9 cm pitch diameter and can use jets up to about 13 mm in diameter. See the picture below (click on it for an enlargement).

JLA software
Group member Jean-Luc Willot from Belgium developed a computer programme which might be of great help to a lot of us. 
His JLA program can be used to:
  • evaluate the flow discharge at a measurement weir using the overflow method
  • slope calculations for a trapezoidal channel
  • diameter calculations for a penstock
  • sizing of transmission cables
  • together with the selection of the optimal turbine from the JLA turbine series.



    It is a DOS programme and you can find it in zipped format here.
    (Interested persons might also have a look at the JLA company profile.)

    Electronic Load Controller
    Jan Portegijs designed the Humming Bird Electronic Load controller. More information, including the full manual can be found here.

    Jan Portegijs also developed the 'Swingcat Tidal Turbine’ concept. Although not micro in its scale, the manual of the Swingcat is available at this site: swingcat.zip.

    Microhydro manual
    Some time ago I informed the group on a very interesting pdf-file on the internet of a full manaul in Spanish on how to develop a microhydro scheme. By that time I did not know the source, neither the author. By now I have this information.
    The author of this 250+ pages book is Celso Penche, and the book is available as PDF-file in English, Spanish as well as Italian, and free to download at the following URLs:
    English version:  http://europa.eu.int/comm/energy/library/hydro/layman2.pdf
    Spanisch version:  http://europa.eu.int/comm/energy/library/hydro/manual2.pdf
    Italian version:  http://europa.eu.int/comm/energy/library/hydro/guida2.pdf
    Be aware that these files are approx. 10 MB each!!

    Pelton and turgo sizing spreadsheet 
    Microhydro group member Joseph Hartvigsen has made a spreadsheet he made for an interested member of the group available to all of us. This could be a useful tool for sizing any pelton or turgo. Please download the file by following this link. Your comments are appreciated and can be communicated through the group or directly to Joseph.

    Bolivian Watermotor
    Ron Davis, Campo Nuevo, La Paz, Bolivia wrote:
    Here are some pictures of our demo site on the eastern slope of the Andes near the village of Coroico, and our patent drawing for the turgo control system.
    Here we have a 18.3 m fall and run several power tools with about 410 liters per minute.
    This Watermotor has a single 3.5''  (89mm) turgo wheel fed by four 11.1 mm jets.  It is producing about  1.3 hp at 1850 rpm.  This is considerable power because it has full torque down  to 0 rpm.  The penstock is low cost 4 '' plastic made from recycled material. 

    Impulse turbine spreadsheet 
    Joseph Hartvigsen provided an excel spreadsheet on the characteristics of impulse turbine. which can be downloaded here.

    Brant's machine
    Microhydro discussion forum member Brant Lawrence developed a 200 Watts configuration for situations with no head.
    Click on the images for enlargements.

    For more information contact Brant at lawrencehydro@yahoo.com

    Cost and Revenue Structures for Micro-Hydro Projects in Nepal

    New member Wolfgang Mostert would like to take up in the near future for discussion the assumptions to hold for maintenance and rehabiliation costs of micro-hydro. For information purposes he has sent  a report he had asked to be made on this in Nepal four years ago. This document can be used as starter for the discussions in the group. Go to document.

    Harry Terbush's Wappingers Falls hydro plant

    Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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    Please note that Wim Klunne cannot be held responsible for the contents of the documents placed here, nor for any copyright voilation by documents provided by eGroup members. 
    For questions in relation to this, please contact the provider of the document/file/image.