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Environmentally friendly
Micro hydro, or small-scale hydro, is one of the most environmentally benign energy conversion options available, because unlike large-scale hydro power, it does not attempt to interfere significantly with river flows.
Fraenkel (1991)

When is hydropower micro?
The definition of micro hydropower varies in different countries and can even include systems with a capacity of a few megawatts. One of the many definitions for micro hydropower is: hydro systems up till a rated capacity of approximately 300 kW capacity. The limit is set to 300 kW because this is about the maximum size for most stand alone hydro systems not connected to the grid, and suitable for "run-of-the-river" installations.

Microhydro news
Hydro-electric scheme on the River Thames by Caversham Weir to be built in 2020
Unimas wins NEA 2019 with mini hydro electric dam project
U.S. Department of Energy unveils Hydropower Vision plan
Gilkes starts constructing 3 new hydro projects
Nicatous Lodge develops off-grid micro-hydro project

Microhydro calender

Microhydro discussion forum
The microhydro discussion forum is an email and web based forum that links over 2900 people world wide with a professional or personal interest in microhydro. The forum enables exchange of information, finding the answer to (technical) questions, announcing of events and making of friends....
This microhydro web portal and all pages at http://microhydropower.net are composed and maintained by Wim Jonker Klunne. Wim is also the initiator and moderator of the microhydro discussion group.

For more information contact Wim at webmaster@microhydropower.net, or have a look his homepage.

Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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